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Unlimited Growers, Flexible Product Listings, Flexible Pricing

  • The intent of this site is to assist Alabama farmers in selling their products to chefs, restaurants and consumers.
  • The listing of any items that have been purchased for resell is prohibited.
  • Any number of growers can list products. Only bona fide producers are eligible to list products they grow. Unsolicited requests require approval before they are listed and can begin selling.
  • Growers can organize product categories and list products, giving them full descriptions, prices, etc. Build your own product category structure from scratch, or use the categories listed.
  • Growers can quickly adjust availability, pricing, and other items at any time. Growers can only edit their own products.
  • Growers set their own prices.

Easy Ordering, Notification

  • Ordering is very simple. Restaurants, chefs and consumers can place their own orders. Confirmation emails go out to both the customer and the farmer.
  • Growers can see the orders for their products in real time through the website, the website will send emails out to the growers letting them know of the orders, what needs to be harvested etc.



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